Anat Litwin

Renowned Geographer, Anthropologist and Urban thinker, David W. Harvey, states in his essay titled ‘Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution’ that “Capitalist urbanization tends to destroy the city as a social, political and livable commons...Urbanization is about the production of an urban commons (or its shadow-form of public spaces and public goods) and its perpetual appropriation and destruction by private interests.”  

Artists have historically been leaders of voices of dissent - questioning the established order while offering new creative visions of the future. On the background of worldwide urban growth and as a response to destructive privatization processes, one of the cultural needs that now arises is that of a counter reaction -  finding vital artistic strategies, practices and platforms which can nourish free inter-personal and inter- cultural communal exchanges, leading to an over all artistic reappropriation of urban life.  

Artist Residency programs are cultural platforms which allow the artist to explore her practice within another community, often emphasizing the importance of a multi-layered cultural exchange and the importance of experiment and process. Driven by the quest to challenge the role of the artist in setting new social and cultural paradigms while demonstrating the right to the city -  an idea first proposed by sociologist and philosopher Henri Lefebvre in his 1968 book Le Droit à la ville,  artist-run-residency projects unfolds as a subtle subversive artistic movement against the mainstream capitalist grain. 

Through my work as both artist, researcher and director of various initiatives I aim to create liberating spaces of artistic hosting which bring one back “home” to core human roots of interconnectedness, bridging gaps between generations, genders, cultures and classes, forming new ways of inhabiting and living in cities.